What is the Christmas Spirit Anyway?

It’s almost Christmas again! My reflections from last year still hold true, about getting into the “Christmas spirit.”

Summer Sorensen

Hint: It’s not about Bing Crosby or Barry Manilow. Although they can help. Yes, even Manilow. 🙂

Christmas is almost here, ready or not.

Can I get a show of hands? Who else besides me is in the “not” ready category 99.2% of the time? Who am I kidding? It’s 100%.

Christmas happens at the same time every year, so it should be no surprise. Somehow, it “sneaks up” on me every time, and I find myself considering all the Christmas to-dos with wide-eyed frenzy.

Last year at this time, I blogged about having an extra difficult time “feeling it” and getting into the swing of all things Christmas. In retrospect, I suspect getting into the mental state of Christmas at that time was made more difficult by our recent return from a dream vacation to Australia in late October 2015 that included a couple mind-blowing tropical beaches. I was…

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About Summer Sorensen

My aim: to live out Jesus' greatest commands (Matthew 22:36-40) & have the most fun while doing it.
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