Understanding Introverts: A lesser known fact or two

Life for introverts has a unique set of challenges. I feel fortunate that I have learned more about introversion over the years so I can embrace the way God made me, rather than be ashamed of it. This post shares some of the things I’ve learned, that may well help fellow introverts. It is also helpful for extroverts because it includes advice for interacting with the introverts in your life.
I originally posted this one year ago.

Summer Sorensen

Hi, my name is Summer, and I am an introvert.

No, I didn’t recite that line while sitting in a circle of metal folding chairs in a high school gym at a 12-step meeting. Sometimes it seems like that is how it is, though. As if I need help. Fortunately, I don’t.

That’s right, I am OK with being an introvert. After years of struggling and self-doubt with my introversion, in recent years I have come to understand, accept and embrace it as who I am. Not only that, but I’ve learned how valuable it is to be an introvert, and I’ve also realized it has saved my bacon more times than I can count. I’ll explain shortly.

I’ve noticed that the topic of introverts/introversion has been covered in articles and memes more in recent years. I applaud that. Most efforts to explain introversion seem to be a good thing…

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About Summer Sorensen

My aim: to live out Jesus' greatest commands (Matthew 22:36-40) & have the most fun while doing it.
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