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My aim: to live out Jesus' greatest commands (Matthew 22:36-40) & have the most fun while doing it.

On Competing Against Yourself: A Runner’s Confession

If you’d rather watch this content on YouTube: The subtitle of this article is: Don’t worry about the fast girls. There’s a story behind that and a broader application to non-runners, both of which I’ll share below. As a runner … Continue reading

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A Tribute to My Dad For His 80th Birthday

July 19, 2022, marked my dad, Doug Hamilton’s 80th birthday. Such a momentous occasion calls for a tribute! My dad (my brother Garth and I call him Bo, and that is how I will refer to him henceforth) is an … Continue reading

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On Rebounding from Failure (Or less than stellar progress)

It’s an experience that plagues all of us from time to time: failure. Although failure is a harsh term, which is why I added (or less than stellar progress) to the title. As I’ve reflected on this year, I could … Continue reading

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Top secret trick for introverts

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Tactical vs. Strategic: Getting Clear on How to Achieve Goals

Do you know what I mean when I say, “tactical vs. strategic” as a method for getting clear on achieving goals? So we can start with the appropriate mindset, I’ll provide definitions of both: Tactical: : of or relating to … Continue reading

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2021 Year in Review

My idea for a “2021 Year in Review” was born from reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits. It is a practice he does and recommends in that book. I decided to transform my hand-written year in review notes to a blog … Continue reading

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Halloween costumes 2021

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Cut Through Fear-Based Inaction: A Practical Idea on How

Let’s talk about how to cut through fear-based inaction. By that I mean, stalling on something you know you need to do, because you are afraid to do it. Have you ever neglected to take an action or make a … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Social Media

The pros and cons of social media, examined. The rise of social media in the last 15 years has been both a wonderful and a terrible thing. As someone who has used it from the early days, as a marketer … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to “Surrender All” to Christ?

Those of us who grew up in evangelical Christian churches in the United States are likely to have sung songs about “surrendering” all to God or to Jesus Christ. With much gusto, or hesitation, we’d sing out, “I surrender allllll … Continue reading

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