Summer Sorensen, Christian blogger


Summer Sorensen is a copywriter, content creator and social media marketer.


Hi, I’m Summer! Pleased to meet you if we haven’t been introduced.

This blog scratches a deep creative and intellectual itch of mine. You might be interested in the content here if you…

  • Are looking to live life to the fullest
  • Desire to optimize and organize your time, workflows, and all aspects of life
  • Are a Christian, looking to deepen your relationship with Christ
  • Are interested in Christian apologetics, defending a biblical worldview
  • Find yourself curious about Christianity and want to learn more
  • Are an entrepreneur or solopreneur and want some practical ideas from someone who’s been there
  • Love fitness, travel, adventure, and/or outdoor recreation
  • Desire to learn about introverts, introversion and how we interact with the world
  • Are interested in topics about human behavior and interaction
  • Believe that you can always become better and constantly seek to improve yourself
  • Like to laugh and have fun
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously

If any or multiple of those things interest you, you’re in the right place! (If all of them interest you, we might be twins separated at birth that are bound to be besties!) These are the things that fascinate me and most of what I write about fits into one or more of those categories. 

Why I blog

This blog is a passion project of mine that allows me to share my ideas and experiences with the world. While I’ve always loved to write, I’ve learned in recent years that sharing ideas is one of the things that makes me feel most alive. Therefore, pouring my heart and soul into writing about things I have learned and am passionate about “gives me all the feels.”

I aim to use this blog for the glory of God and the furtherance of His kingdom. In using our gifts well, I believe we honor our Creator, who gave them to us in the first place. 

My day job

I am a self-employed one-woman digital marketing agency. I work with fitness, wellness and recreation brands to create content that resonates with their ideal clients. How do I spend my days?

  • Writing blog posts, email campaigns, social media captions, and LinkedIn content
  • Creating social media images and video to correspond to the captions
  • Managing the social media accounts of clients
  • Doing a fair bit of local networking through my BNI referral passing group (where I currently serve as Vice President)
  • Smiling widely at the pure joy of doing what I love
  • Taking breaks to play with my cats
  • Figuring out how I can do more writing and YouTube video creation for my own content, not just my clients

Summer Sorensen, the person

Behind the ideas and content creation is a real person: ME! You can glean a lot about me from what I’ve written above, but for some general demographic information…

I am a native of Washington State, where I have lived for 90% of my life. My husband Mike and I have been happily married since 2010. We have two cats, Marge and Roger. We both work too much, but very much enjoy traveling when we can and staying active. 

Creative home cooking is one of the things we do to entertain ourselves on a budget. Plus, we get delicious meals out of it! I could drone on with more random facts about me, but I’ve written enough! I welcome comments on any of my blog posts with any questions you have.

Thanks for reading!



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