30 Days of Thanks – in one

The “30 Days of Thanks” or whatever it’s called has been quite popular on Facebook the last few years. Starting on November 1, the participant posts one thing for which he or she is thankful each day during the month of November. It’s a great concept, cataloging one’s blessings. I have enjoyed reading the outbursts of gratefulness among my friends during the past month.

I have been tempted to join in the trend, but have resisted. Not because I don’t like giving thanks. Hardly. Nor because I hesitate to jump on bandwagons, which I do. Mainly just because I lack self-control. I didn’t think I could spread it out that long or limit myself to just one per day. See, once I start thinking about all the things for which I am thankful, the floodgates open and it is difficult to close them. I just don’t have the measured patience to list one thing per day.

So, in unfashionable tardiness now that it is December, I thought I’d give it a whirl, floodgates open and list (at least) 30 things all at once. That’s how I roll.  Below is what I came up with, in no particular order.

  • God’s redemptive plan for humanity through Christ’s sacrifice, which includes my salvation. I could go on about this forever, and various facets of this could fill up a list of any amount of numbered items.
  • God’s constant presence in my life
  • My wonderful husband Mike. I couldn’t imagine a better match for me, or a higher quality guy.
  • The family into which I was born – mom, dad, brother Garth. The best family a girl could ask for, which also includes my sister-in-law, niece and nephew on the way. 🙂
  • My in-laws. My mom frequently warned me as a single young lady to get to know the family of the man you are considering marrying. Since they will be your family too, it’s important to get along with them if at all possible. Check. I cleaned up in the in-law department.
  • My home
  • My cat Toonces. Sassy and prone to ralph on the carpet though she is, the mirth and fun she provides outweigh the hassles.
  • My church. Solid Bible teaching that keeps the main thing, the main thing, cannot be overvalued.
  • My job
  • Friends. This is a big category, with many subcategories, which alone could nearly fill up a list of 30. I have been so blessed in this area, with a considerable multitude of folks that I care deeply about. I find it crazy to think that I have friends in such generous quantity that it’s nearly impossible to stay caught up on all their lives. That also brings to light my faultiness as a friend, and my need to do a better job at that. That is a subject for another post.
  • God’s Word
  • The Holy Spirit – to guide and teach us as followers of Christ
  • Sermons which are made available online. For supplemental learning on important passages and topics.
  • Humor and the ability to appreciate it and express it. Levity makes many a dark time seem lighter.
  • My health
  • The health of my family
  • My bicycle. It’s been with me for 21 years (no joke) and still going strong. Sort of.
  • The book, The Introvert Advantage. It helped me tremendously in understanding myself as an introvert and appreciating the qualities which come with that particular personality style.
  • Coffee
  • God’s beautiful creation, and His kindness in not only giving it to us to enjoy, but revealing Himself to us in it.
  • Snow skiing
  • Backpacks. Carrying books and personal items in one’s arms? No thanks. I would like to give a high five to the person who invented those handy items.
  • The chance to have traveled to Europe. I hope to go back, this time with Mike, but I am grateful that I got to go in my 20s with friends from college.
  • The chance to have gone on a nice honeymoon. As the starting point of “the rest of your life,” it’s a blessing to have a positive experience and a vacation that’s hard to top.
  • Texting. Though it’s made the art of phone conversations nearly a bygone for personal communication with other texters, it sure is a convenient way to exchange thoughts and ideas. What did we do without it, not that many years back?
  • Diet Mountain Dew. I survived college on its calorie-and-real-sugar laden original recipe. In my latter years, I am thankful for its lighter version. Even if aspartame is bad for me.
  • Donuts. No further explanation needed.
  • Parents who relentlessly valued and encouraged me in my formative years. Their kindness and deliberate applied wisdom helped build in me the self-confidence I have carried into adulthood.
  • Dancing. Freestyle or “spazz” dancing in specific, but all types appreciated. There’s something freeing with prancing that expresses joy in a way words never could.
  • Naps. They are great when you can get them.
  • The meeting of mint and chocolate in so many glorious items. Don’t get me started.
  • Laughter. Goes along with the humor item, but deserves its own bullet point.
  • Friends who take the time to reach out and stay in touch, even when I prove to be a failure at that.
  • The ability and willingness to help others. Both are gifts from God, of course.
  • Smartphones. They allow me to carry one device that serves for communication, calendar and camera all in one, plus the many other bells and whistles.
  • The innate ability to worship God and the supernatural soul lift that comes from singing His praises, with others who love Him or by oneself.
  • December 1, which marks the end of “Movember/No Shave November” and all unsightliness that comes with it
  • Freedom. Growing up in a country whose experiment with personal freedom and liberty was like nothing the world had ever seen (or probably will ever see again) is a unique and treasured blessing.

I am now over 30 items, and I could go on a lot longer. My blessings are too many to be counted. May I never cease to give thanks to God Almighty, Who is the giver of all good things (James 1:17), including the ability to recognize Him as their provider and give Him the thanks and glory He is due.

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  1. What a wonderful way to start my day!!! Except for the “Diet Mountain Dew” I add a wholehearted “AMEN!!!” Thanks, Summer. I love you! Now to enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day (I’m getting a rather late start this morning). Nellie

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