On Memorizing Scripture (My first ever vlog!)

How to Memorize Scripture

I’ve always had a tricky relationship with memorizing Scripture. On one hand, I know it is a good idea. I’ve been immensely benefitted by the verses I have memorized. On the other hand, it is hard to do. I have often lacked the discipline, or perhaps also the right tactics for doing it.

I’m pleased to report, that through God’s grace, a handful of different influences, and a resource I encountered, that is changing.

I recorded a vlog (my first ever to be published!) about the discipline of memorizing Scripture. If this is a subject that you are drawn to, and you have a few minutes to spare, I’d be obliged if you’d watch this video and check out the resource I mention.

What are your thoughts on memorizing Scripture? Any success stories or goals you’d like to share? Please comment!

5 responses to “On Memorizing Scripture (My first ever vlog!)”

  1. Nice job on your first ever vlog, Summer! As a baby boomer from the Vietnam War generation, I can attest to many stories that I read, or heard, from prisoners of war who desperately clung to hope by recalling the scriptures that they had committed to memory years earlier. Their harrowing stories of solitary confinement made me realize how much we take our freedom, and our access to God’s Word, the Bible, for granted. Although few of us will ever have the Scriptures literally taken from us, it is those eternal truths, embedded in our hearts and minds, that will sustain us in the day of trouble.

    1. Summer Sorensen Avatar
      Summer Sorensen

      Thanks, Aunt Marilyn! Yes, that is so true! How inspiring that POWs back in Vietnam were hopeful due to memorized Scripture. It is wonderful to recall times in my own life that I have meditated on scripture to propel me through difficult times in the past, and expect that they will in the future. How wonderful of God to give us His words of hope!

  2. Wow, Summer, you’re to be commended! Even more so, the Holy Spirit living in you is certainly glorifying the God you serve. Thank you for blessing us with this heartfelt vlog. So grateful the body of Christ works so uniquely in serving one another in such a practical way.

    1. Summer Sorensen Avatar
      Summer Sorensen

      Yes, God does great work! Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comment, Aunt Linda!

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