My Christian Commitments in a Post-Christian World

A biblical worldview

Growing up in the west during last few decades of the twentieth century, I took for granted that Judeo-Christian ethics and morality were the social norms and that even many of those who chose to ignore them at least acknowledged their existence and might be willing to admit that they “should” live by them.

It has become increasingly evident that those days are gone. As post-modernism has crept its way into the minds of so many over the last few decades, the previously common understanding of objective truth and a creator God has been diminished and replaced with “your truth” and “my truth” and “if it works for you, do it.”

A careful analysis of the decline of human flourishing in our society might well make a correlation between the statements above and what we see in western thought and behavior currently, but that is not the point of this post.

My goal here is to describe how I see myself as a Christian functioning in a society that has left Christianity behind. I will lay out a series of things I am committed both to do and not do to that end.

By the grace and through the power of God, I will:

  • Set apart Christ as Lord in my heart, and always be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks for an account of the hope in me, with gentleness and reverence (1 Peter 3:15 – a paraphrase)
  • Treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle
  • Apply a biblical Christian worldview to all situations, acknowledging that:
    • Human suffering is a direct result of the fall and subsequent curse (Genesis 3)
    • Humans are separated from God as a result of the fall and sin
    • The world is under God’s judgment, and His day of reckoning will come
    • He provided a way to reconcile humans to Himself through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is part of the triune God
  • Model my life after that of Christ, seeking to glorify Him by serving others
  • Speak the truth in love, even if it is perceived as “hate speech”
  • Continue to read the Bible every day and strive to understand the intent and meanings of its divinely inspired authors, and rightly apply it to my life
  • Hold the Bible as the authoritative, sufficient word of God – the standard of truth for living a life pleasing to God
  • Seek to prayerfully, humbly correct and instruct others who unintentionally or deliberately misrepresent the word of God to advance unbiblical viewpoints and agendas
  • Walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8), doing all things for His glory (Colossians 3:17, 23)

On the other hand, these are things I will NOT do, again with God’s help:

  • Be ashamed of the gospel (Romans 1:16)
  • Commit slander or libel towards a fellow human and image-bearer of God (even when that courtesy is not extended to me)
  • Engage in conversations that are inherently divisive or bound to bring offense to others, unless they are about the truths of God and the Bible – I’ll save the hot button topics for things that are of eternal significance
  • Compromise on what I know to be right for the sake of “keeping the peace”

Reading warnings in the New Testament that Jesus’ followers will suffer and be persecuted for His name’s sake seemed like a far-off warning in my youth. No more. After what God has done for me through Christ, it is my joy to live my life for Him, despite the cost.

If you are a Christian, I’m curious what you thought of the list. Would you add anything? If you are living in rebellion against God, I pray this will give you pause to consider your eternal destiny. Regardless of your relationship with God, I welcome any comments and questions. Thank you for reading!




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  1. Most times, us Christians are so busy that we do not meditate on what it means to ‘take up our crosses’ in this day and age. Thank you for the reminder to live intentionally (not coincidentally) Christian! The only topics I would add to the list would be: Discipleship (since as parents, we are instructed to teach our children God’s word (i.e. Deut. 11:19)) & Intercessory Prayer for the other members of the church facing persecution.

    1. Summer Sorensen Avatar
      Summer Sorensen

      Those are great additions to the list! Thank you, Rebecca.

  2. Linda LaVelle Avatar
    Linda LaVelle

    As I’ve been reflecting upon these noble thoughts, Summer, I can’t help but praise God for people such as you who are unashamedly willing to stand up for the truths that are constantly being battered, buffeted, and belittled by those whose hearts have not been touched by the Master’s hand. As a redeemed child of the living God, I am so grateful that His divine power has granted us everything we need leading to life and godliness. Thank you for so eloquently sharing this message of hope.

    1. Summer Sorensen Avatar
      Summer Sorensen

      And thank YOU, for your eloquent thoughts in response! And I know you are another who is committed to living out the life of godliness as He provides, and I thank God for that (and you) as well.

  3. I strongly believe in the concept of this post because, no matter what we are in live, we still have to serve God. Any Christian should understand that we have the primary calling of ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.

    1. Summer Sorensen Avatar
      Summer Sorensen


  4. Right now the first item on your list really resonates with me. Am I ready and able to give a defense of the hope and joy that is within me, of the faith I claim is paramount in my life? My hope and prayer is that I am and will be when that time comes and I am asked to defend my faith.

    1. Great things to ponder, Jennifer! I pray the same thing also. I believe that regular time in prayer and the word, strengthening our knowledge and love of God will pay dividends when the time comes. May the Lord bless you in your seeking Him!

      1. Ariana Christmas Avatar
        Ariana Christmas

        Yes yes you are 100% right but even though i am 12 years old I want to use my age to spread Christianity to my friends and others around school because in the beginning I gave up on Jesus because I prayed and prayed my parent wouldn’t get divorced but they did and I blamed Jesus but then to com to find out my mom has mental issues and she was abusive she needed lots of mental help I mean she took us to a women shelter were we had to fight kids on the daily but there’s so much more but I can’t type forever but anyways we were than taken from my mom given to my dad he was a Christian and he was a leader to me and my brother I mean I haven’t seen my mom in 4 years but if I wasn’t taken away I would have been a horrible girl so now I understand why god did what he did and to be honest I am so thankful.i just hope you guess can pray for me if you can it would be great.Also my name is Ariana Christmas but people call me Christmas

      2. Summer Sorensen Avatar
        Summer Sorensen

        That is quite a story! I will definitely say a prayer for you, Ariana!

  5. Ariana Christmas Avatar
    Ariana Christmas

    I meant guys not guess

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