How to Prepare for the Coming Diesel Shortage

This post on how to prepare for the coming diesel shortage is a major deviation from my normal range of topics. I rarely write about current events. But this feels important enough to write about.

The US Energy Information Administration announced recently that the United States’ supply of diesel fuel is not only at critically low levels but that there were 25 days left of supply, and at it was at its lowest point since 2008.

That means the country could run out of diesel fuel before the end of the year.

Unless something changes soon, this is a real possibility. The Biden administration is surely working on a solution, but will they be able to get something done in time?

For the average person, the implications are unfavorable.

Fewer trucks will be on the road because there won’t be enough fuel for all of them. That means store shelves will not be restocked promptly. And with soaring diesel prices, brace for inflation to continue to climb.

If you thought empty shelves in 2020 were bad, I fear this could be worse.

Oh, but not to worry, I can just order from Amazon. Unfortunately, that includes Amazon trucks too.

So how do we prepare for the coming diesel shortage?

The easiest thing to do is to stock up on essentials.

I’m not suggesting you hoard (Please don’t. Remember the toilet paper hoarders in 2020? Don’t be that person.).

Just stock up. Think to yourself, “What would I need to have on hand to be comfortable at home?”

Food. Cleaning supplies. Water. Personal care items.

Anything that you take for granted that you can just run to the store and pick up. I suggest we forego taking things for granted and instead, be prepared.

Also, how do we get our regular gasoline delivered to gas stations? Via trucks that run on diesel. So it wouldn’t hurt to keep that tank fuller than you might otherwise. Preaching to myself as a roll-in-on-fumes regular.

A caveat.

I hope I’m wrong.

I hope the powers that be figure out a solution so that we can replenish our diesel supplies.

But again, if you can look back at me this winter with hindsight and sneer because I cried wolf, that would be the best outcome. Except for the sneering part, that would be mean. 😉

Why write this?

Because I want to warn the people that are important to me. Just in case I’m not over exaggerating the problem.

If your household is prepared, you are more likely to not only minimize hardship, but you will be in a position to help others if you so choose.

Thanks for reading!

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