A Tribute to Introverts on World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day

As a marketer, I constantly browse sites like National Day Calendar to develop marketing content themes. So imagine my surprise and delight when I, an introvert, learned that January 2nd is “World Introvert Day!”

World Introvert Day? What kind of wonderfulness is this?

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to write a short tribute to my fellow introverts. To you, I say:

  • Keep being you, and don’t be embarrassed about who you are, as an introvert.
  • Let your internally-processing self think thoughts of goodness toward yourself and others.
  • Honor your need for saving energy and recharging by being quiet and alone.
  • Don’t let extroverts make you feel bad for not wanting to spend every waking moment in an activity or conversation.
  • It’s OK to build margins into your schedule. If you need two nights at home for every night out, do it.

Introversion is a topic I think about and write about often. Here are a few other articles I’ve written on the subject, should you be interested in further reading:

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  • A short, tongue-in-cheek post about qualities introverts have more naturally that “Prove Introverts are Naturally More Godly.” Click here.
    • This post also gets found online via searches for “blessed are the introverts” and “bible verses about introverts.”
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Happy World Introvert Day! Thank you for reading. Feel free to share this with your favorite introvert. 🙂

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