My Goals as a Story: My 2023 Goal Story

“What the heck is a goal story?” you might be asking. As an example, this post will share my “goal story” with you.

If you’d rather watch the video version of this, voila. Otherwise, please keep reading!


But first, some context. I was scrolling to the bottom of my Google Drive to find a particular shared folder, when I saw a handout I had gotten a few years back from a business coach I was working with at the time. It was all about writing your goals and sharing them as a story. (Thanks, Paul @ Tributary Coaching.)

I had seen it before but hadn’t taken the time to fill it out. The timing was very fortuitous, perhaps even providential, because I had on my list to write out my 2023 goals. I allow myself all of January to get that done, as I’ve written about before.

This formula struck me as a significant way to not only make my goals more meaningful but also make them more shareable. Everyone likes to hear a good story, right? As a marketer, I strive to use the battle-tested method of storytelling whenever I can in communication.

A disclaimer before I tell you my goal story: Sharing this publicly kind of freaks me out.

You see, as an average prideful person, it’s a giant leap to share dreams and vulnerabilities. To, in effect, say, “I’m not where I want to be. I have a long ways to go, and I am admitting it to you.”

That takes swallowing a giant piece of humble pie.

Insert some lofty quote about how sharing vulnerability makes us better, stronger, and may help others do the same.

“OK, OK, I got it. I’ll do it. With gritted teeth.”

So with that preamble, here is my 2023 Goal Story.

I sit here both full of hope and anticipation, yet a bit overwhelmed. It’s a good kind of overwhelm though.

It’s the kind where I’m ready to take action, tired of making excuses, and preparing to make 2023 the year I want it to be.

Many wise people have suggested things like, “make your goals not a list of things to do, but a ‘who to become’ vision.” Or, “Make the habits you want to develop part of your identity.” (H/T: Atomic Habits)

My vision of who I want to become means describing my lifestyle as I’d like it to be. It feels like a big dream to me, but I know it is achievable. It looks like this.

A serious investment in content creation!

I am a full-blown content creator. I specialize in creating content about things that I love, and things that I know that can help others. The things that I love involve sharing ideas, outdoor recreation and fitness, travel, cats, humor, cooking and optimizing one’s productivity.

The spiritual side of me, which really is my “why” and the “how” of what I do, also involves talking about God’s word, what I am learning as I am reading it, and practical ideas on how to be a better Christian. To separate that from everything else I listed is disingenuous. It is who I am, so it will flow as content just like everything else.

The things that I know can help others include some of what I mentioned above. But it also includes marketing content. Helping people grow their business through content and social media/marketing strategy, like I currently do for my clients.

This content creation looks like a combination of blogs, YouTube videos, and articles on my biz website. Oh, and social media content.

It looks like me going out and doing exciting and fun things and sharing the story with others in an interesting way. Making notes of lessons and stories to tell in the future.

Serving clients will still be the cornerstone of my revenue. Persisting on leaning in to get the results my marketing clients want will be my tireless pursuit for the foreseeable future.

Building in time to watch and rewatch courses that I’ve purchased (including from conference sessions I couldn’t attend) will be a commitment. How do I do that? That is a topic for another day.

Looking further into 2023

As 2023 progresses, I will find myself budding in knowledge as I carve out time to be active and create content. I am not going to allow myself to take on so many clients that I don’t have time to create content for my own channels.

As we slide into the holidays in 2023, I will be in peak physical fitness. The kind of shape I was last in 2009. I’ll think nothing of running a 10k on a moment’s notice, and will be able to hike (or even run) steep trails with ease, like in yesteryear.

I will be much more confident and accomplished as a YouTuber and blogger. Perhaps I’ll even see some ad revenue trickling in. I can’t control that, so I won’t worry about it. I can control if I show up and publish on a regular basis.

In summary

This goal story paints a picture of who I aim to become. Or rather continue becoming, because I am already on the path. My goal is to help, entertain, educate and delight others with the knowledge I have gained in my life. And make a living while doing it.

I’ll close with a quote (OK, maybe a paraphrase) from Marcus Sheridan, a dynamic speaker I’ve had the privilege of hearing twice at Social Media Marketing World:

“The world needs to hear what life has taught you!”

Friend, what have you learned that you can teach someone else? What’s stopping you? And might I also suggest writing your goals as a story to help motivate and inspire yourself and others?

Thank you for reading! I’d be pleased to hear your goal story, too!


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      Summer Sorensen

      Why thank you!

  1. Thanks for sharing your goal story with us, Summer! I found it very interesting…and better still, it was inspirational. I LOVE reading everything you write.

    A forever member of your fan club,


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      Summer Sorensen

      Aw shucks. 😁 Thanks, Vive!

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