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You Can Be Passionate About Politics without Being a Jerk (And You Should – Here’s How)

I’m not sure about you, but in the months leading up to the last presidential election, and in the time since, I have been continually floored at how rude, tactless and malicious the state of political discussion in America has … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July! (A Wet Blanket Independence Day Greeting)

Happy Fourth of July!

It is only appropriate to start an Independence Day post with those words, or something similar. The “wet blanket” portion of this post is what follows.

While the wish is sincere (why wouldn’t I want you to have a great Fourth, after all?), it is a qualified greeting. That is because the simple joy of this day has been tarnished, in my opinion, to the point that it is now bittersweet. Continue reading

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