On breaking a certain running dry spell …

We’re all fighting our own battles.

One of mine was putting off doing a 5-mile run, to the end of the trail by my house. I’ve done it countless times, but I started slacking this spring.

Over the winter, I was putting a lot of gusto into training for the 7-mile trail run I did in March. After that, I lost momentum. I tend to drift aimlessly with my workouts without something specific to train for.

Once I do too much putting off of that particular 5-mile run, I start to doubt myself. Then I put it off even more.

Today, I broke my four-month dry spell, made like Nike, and just did it. I took it slow and easy (like I had another option, LOL) and ground out the miles.

I needed to do this, to take a step towards getting my “juju” back. (I really dislike the word “juju” but can’t think of a better one.)

The next significant obstacle is a tough 5k trail run in three weeks. One that I’m thrilled I finally get to participate in, but it’s not going to be easy.

Are you fighting a fitness battle? I hope you’ll set your sights on what you want, and start taking bites out of the elephant.

You’ll thank yourself for it. (And I’d love to hear in a comment what you’re working towards!)

p.s. Hagg Lake trail 5K, I’m coming for you!

This is the face of victory. The sweaty face.
This is the face of victory. The sweaty face.

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