Crush Excuses: A Story and Challenge

Summer Sorensen, on crushing excuses

Can you think of an excuse(s) you’re making to prevent you from pursuing something you know you should do?

Something that will help with your health or fitness?

A move that will advance your career or extend an olive branch to a strained relationship?

A problem you need to solve, but you’ve been putting it off because you’re viewing the whole mountain instead of taking it one step at a time?

Most of us are experts at excuses. I’m looking in the mirror (figuratively) when I say that.

But what if we decided to make ourselves experts in training at taking action? What if we decided to crush excuses?

I want to share a quick story about how I chose to take action today when I had many excuses to work with.

To run or not to run: an action story

This morning, I was planning to do the 5.5 mile course I run on the days when I put excuses aside. I have too many days to count when excuses win out, to be sure.

But this morning, the context to the story is this:

😌 – I’m way behind on my goal of 500 cardio miles this year. So far behind that I may not make it before 12/31.

😌- Struggling with various sore muscles and joints

👍- Just completed two back-to-back runs on Saturday and Sunday (I’d been babying myself this year and spacing out my runs a few days apart; this was my first consecutive series, which contributed to the soreness.) I’d taken a much needed rest day, and was planning to get back at it.

‼️ – It was raining. It is always a mental exercise to do that first rainy run after consistently beautiful weather at the end of summer. 

😌- My running raincoat has had a broken zipper for awhile. I’d been putting off dropping it off at the seamstress’s, because I haven’t needed it in months. The forthcoming rain inspired me to call for an appointment.

❌- Excuse-powered me could have considered sore muscles, rain, no raincoat and decided to punt on the day.

🥳- But, as you might have guessed by the theme of this post, I decided to crush my excuses and do that run.

No raincoat. Ballcap, absolutely. Those are the two items that make running in the rain tolerable, even enjoyable, for me. With even just the one, I decided to brave it.

And you know what? It was a fantastic run! I didn’t set any personal records, but I breezed through the miles at a comfortable pace that felt good.

As an aftermath of the run, my sore back felt much better. I traded it up for sore hips, but whatevs. 😆

In conclusion: crushing your excuses?

While my last story could be perceived as a humble brag, that is not my intent. No, it’s mainly to demonstrate that if a 45-year-old with sore muscles and no raincoat could face her first rainy run of the fall, you can crush your excuses*, too.

My intent is to help you light that fire and recognize what excuses you might be allowing to hold you back. Can you think of what they are? What are you willing to do about them? How bad do you want whatever it is that you’re putting off?

Those are my thoughts for today. The first really drippy, rainy day of our lovely fall 2023.

I’d love to hear how you’re going to take action (or even the struggles that have kept you from doing so thus far)!

Thanks for reading!


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* This post is not meant to belittle genuine issues, like medical conditions or other dire circumstances that disrupt life. Some reasons for putting things off are appropriate and necessary.

For further reading on how to crush excuses, here is a brief article from Inc.

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