Update on Running Mileage Goal

At the beginning of 2018, I wrote a post outlining my plan to run 500 miles during the course of the year.

As of 12/29, I have logged 505* miles!

Extremely pleased to have completed one of my goals for the year.

The * caveat is to denote a couple things.

1. I originally planned to hit 500 miles with running alone, an acheiveable, yet ambitious goal.

2. Partway through the year, I decided to include ALL miles logged in fitness pursuits, to include walking (not everyday steps), hiking, and cycling miles.

3. Starting in September, I started adding to my log the walking mileage included in my journey down to the trail where I run (.6 miles each way). If I had been adding that all year, my mileage report would have been significantly higher.

I had a few other fitness goals involving numbers this year that are still in progress. But that gives me something to look forward to accomplishing!

I wanted to share my good news with you all before 2018 comes to a close. Have a happy New Year!

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My aim: to live out Jesus' greatest commands (Matthew 22:36-40) & have the most fun while doing it.
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  1. jancanrun says:

    Brilliant – I did 2018kms in 2018 for raising money for Alzheimer’s Research and anything above 500 miles is a real, running commitment

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