My 2018 Running Goal: 500 miles. Action Plan Included. (Anyone want to join me?)

I’ve been on a journey of running for fitness off and on since high school.

While I haven’t always been consistent, it is the one form of cardio that I always go back to. Partly because there aren’t many exercises that are more efficient concerning aerobic activity and calories burned by time spent. Also the way I feel when I’m running regularly just can’t be beaten. The post-run endorphins last for hours and boost my mood like crazy.

Until recently, my peak running years were from 2005-2009. Then I hit a slump, and my frequency plummeted. Oddly, the numbers on the scale spiked in the opposite direction. 😉

Last year I jumpstarted the quest to re-commit to running regularly. During my off years, I ran so infrequently that I could never remember when I needed to replace my running shoes (every 300-500 miles is a common figure I’ve read.)

Turning over a new leaf

With the purchase of a new fancy pair in September 2017, I decided to start a mileage log, for the primary purpose of keeping an eye on shoe replacement time. What emerged as a secondary, unintended purpose was logging miles as a means to set and track mileage goals for myself.

Thus, my personal challenge for 2018. 500 miles.

Some might look at that and think, “Girl, you’re ca-razy!!”

Serious runners would look at 500 miles and say, “OK, so, what are you going to do after May when you’re done with that?”

I fall squarely between those two camps, fortunately.

500 miles is ambitious but achievable. Like all industrious goals, breaking them down into bite-size chunks is the key. Works out to:

42 miles per month
9.6ish miles per week

Running three miles three times per week, and adding an additional 3/4 mile weekly would do it.

Running four miles, three times per week would put me well over my goal.

Since I got started again last year, I happen to know that the latter scenario and more is already well within my reach.  It’s just going to take consistency. Which is precisely what I need.

Anyone want to join me?

If you’ve read this far, first of all, thank you. You are a friend and a trooper. Secondly, I suspect it may mean that you aspire to some fitness goals that would push you out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you haven’t started running; perhaps you have deep-seated reasons why. Maybe you know running isn’t your thing, but you’re interested in walking more, cycling more, or doing some other sort of activity more.

I challenge you to set a goal, break it up into manageable chunks, and start chipping away at it. You’ll be amazed how great it feels to start knocking down milestones on your fitness journey.

If you have a plan for fitness in 2018, I would love to hear it so we can celebrate together when we both hit our goals!



4 responses to “My 2018 Running Goal: 500 miles. Action Plan Included. (Anyone want to join me?)”

  1. I have committed to 2018 km in 2018, to raise funds for Alzheimers. It’s blinking hard target and I have no expectation of it being easy. But my public commitment on the blog means it has to happen or I have to eat a great big fat piece of humble pie and tell folk I’m a bullshit merchant! So I wish you much luck with your challenge. Any challenge is a good one. Well done for committing.

    1. Summer Sorensen Avatar
      Summer Sorensen

      Wow, that is serious commitment! Best of luck to you. Like you, I published my goal in my blog to keep me accountable to finishing it.

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